Make your own Snow Globe!

Make your own Snow Globe!

This Christmas in David Jones Market Street, Sydney and Bourke Street, Melbourne we're giving away a limited number of gift-wrapped ties!  

What's even more special about this gift wrapping is that each one is a make-your-own snow globe to enjoy yourself or with the family.  So here's how to do it:


What you will need:

  • The plastic snow globe that your tie is wrapped in
  • A focal piece for the snow dome
  • E-6000 craft adhesive
  • Envirotex Lite
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin (optional)
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plate


Step 1

Sand both the bottom of the focal piece and the interior seal of the snow globe where the focal piece will be placed.  This will allow for better adhesive once glued.


Step 2

Follow the directions on the E-6000 package to glue your piece to the interior seal of the snow globe.  Let dry thoroughly for 24 hours. 


Step 3 

Follow the directions on the Envirotex Lite package and using a paintbrush, coat your focal piece and interior seal making sure you have it completely sealed.  Set aside and let dry completely.


Step 4

Fill the globe container with water, add ½ tsp of glitter and add ½ tsp of glycerine (optional) to the water.


Step 5 

Coat the exterior sides of the interior seal of the snow globe with E6000 and push into globe (see additional information below).


Step 6

Turn globe container upside down with the exterior base now on the counter to stabilize – this will keep the glue from dripping.  Set aside and let dry thoroughly.


Step 7 

Screw on exterior base. 


To prevent leaking:

  • With the focal piece pointing down into the water, carefully and firmly push the interior seal into the opening by carefully working around in a clockwise manner until the interior seal is evenly placed with the rim of the globe container.
  • Screw on the exterior base tight and firm.  Make sure the base is threaded on evenly and firmly tightened. 
  • Give a soft squeeze to the ball making sure no water is leaking out and any bubbles are minimal and to your liking. Continue on to step 6 in above directions. 


Shake and enjoy! 


Take a photo of your snow globe and tag us on Instagram @nigellincoln for your chance to win a tie!